I envision that in not so far future the world of business will be mostly solopreneurship. Minimal to zero employment (probably not in the next hundred years then).

Big solutions will just be like Microservices - a collaboration among solopreneurs or mini-companies (perhaps 3-5 "preneurs").

Instead of employees, each business will hire the services of freelancers (also solopreneurs) for certain aspects OR automate tasks through tools built by other solopreneurs.

May sound like utopian but how much better our world will be if there wasn't any exploitation of labor (as you said employees don't have a say how to do their job), wealth is really based on value created and not on interest rate manipulation (that causes severe imbalance on wealth distribution).

"Capitalism/capitalists" will be considered a word used in ancient times. The word "entrepreneur/enterpreneurship/enterpreneurial" will mean what it should mean.

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Agree wholeheartedly, Flavio.

One of my favorite things about being a Solopreneur is the ability to say "No, thank you." It is a small but powerful sentence. Certainly, as with every decision we make, there are consequences. But I love that I can use that option at my own discretion, without losing/leaving my job.

One thing you said especially resonated: "...you can change your mind whenever you want."

This has been *so* important during my solo journey. Over time, my goals have changed and evolved. I'm not the same person today that I was when I started out. I've been able take new paths, gradually reshape my career, while balancing risk vs. reward. Yet without having to perform a complete "reboot" of my job and career.

Solopreneur is not for everyone. But for me, it feels right. Early in my tech career, I had 5 different employers in just 7 years. In each case, I decided to leave and go elsewhere. I've now been self-employed for 12 years continuously, and still going...

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I can sense that you are happy as a solopreneur. It makes me happy too.

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